Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Biker dating: what is the most interesting biker dating site?

Hey bikers! With today's world wide web it might be not so easy to choose the best biker dating site to hang on. There's millions of biker dating sites out there and I want to choose the one that will bring me most dates :) What about you?
Biker dating site

Below are my favourite sites I love to hang out.

Biker dating site no 1:
This site is a biker community for single bikers who are looking to meet other biker singles. This site is the community on the internet and has many features that other communities do not have. When you join the site, you are joining an online community of single bikers looking to find like minded people for friendship or more.

Biker dating site no 2:
This site is a place for bikers and friends to get to know each other, establish relationship and talk about their interests, or to help each other. Site's members come from all over the world.
Biker dating site
Biker dating site no 3:
This site lets you to start your search in just a few minutes, create a unique profile, send free emoticons to anyone you may be interested in, upload your photo for other members to see.

Biker dating site no 4:
Its a free online dating service helping single men and women meet other like minded singles for friendship, fun, love, and marriage. Its a place to find other biker singles who enjoy riding and discussing motorcycles.

These are the sites where I hangout. What is your favourite biker dating site?

Friday, 19 August 2011

Biker Dating: The Primary Mistake of Biker Dating Hot Woman

First mistake biker make in the world of biker dating is simply not taking action — and I think that it’s often because we get paralyzed before we even begin. Remember, there is a critical mental period between noticing a hot woman you are attracted to and thinking of approaching her and turning that thought into action. Most bikers just let the opportunity pass, while someone with more courage takes it.

Biker dating hot woman
If you don't approach woman during that first brief moment, those first seconds you saw her, you probably never will. Jumping over this crucial hurdle in biker dating is the most important and most difficult step. Take it in beginning to succeed in dating, doubt and the sweet moment is lost forever. Doubts keep you uncertain long enough for the brief rush of initial excitement to dissipate. The thought of failure may prevent you from even trying... Stop acting like it! Failure is not a state, its a consequence of your actions or no actions... The fastest way to eliminate failure is to learn from it.

We have an amazing ability to come up with reasons things won't work, but no matter how many justifications you make, the reality remains that in this situation trying has zero risk and offers a massive reward in case of success. Don't say that thinking of what might go wrong means being realistic. Its not. The more things you can think of that might go wrong, the more reasons you come up for not doing it. You become more certain that "there's no point of approaching this hot woman , so the less likely you are to take action. What if there is a chance that you will get somewhere if you talk to this hot woman?

When you start dating hot woman, when that chance that you will get somewhere if you talk to her may be lower because you're just starting to develop these dating skills. The more you do it the more you learn it. Experience comes to the bikers who act.

Biker dating cute woman
The real problem with biker dating is that once you think of a failure, it generates fear, and the fear grows by itself. Just like it's automatic for you to close a door that you just opened, fear can become automatic too. It’s a process where things you've done repeatedly and have trained yourself to automatically react in
this way every time you're in the same situation. So if you did get frightened and you didn't approach, the next time its going to be easier to do the same and you will choose easier path.

Take your chance, approach her and you'll be on your path of biker dating hot woman!